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Fiddly Cookie
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What is the Cardano project?

The Cardano project was launched in 2017. It provides a unique approach to scaling and securing a blockchain network. The cryptocurrency which operates in the Cardano network is called ADA and is, like others, can be used for direct value transfer. To understand Cardano, we need to understand where Cardano is coming from. Charles Hoskinson, who is one of the founders of Ethereum explains, there are three generations of blockchain technology. First-generation was introduced by Bitcoin developed in a programming language that is not Turing Complete

From Zero to Professional

I discovered a simple trick from a bizarre insight drawn from stats related to my personal behavior to stop procrastination. I call it — The Big Hack


To make this story easy to consume by both non-security and security folks, I am going to keep it as lucid as possible.

RPA process mimics the activity of a human employee by watching the user perform a list of activities in a graphical user interface and then perform those activities in the GUI. This gives rise to some interesting security issues. When a human…

Real-world data on security incidents and data breaches from Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

Understanding AWS services (DynamoDB, Amazon Cognito and IAM policies) and their implementation


From NoSQL Injection to Serverside Javascript Injection


Second-Order SQL Injection with a demonstration


What is SQL Injection

SQL Injection — the process of injecting SQL language code within data requests that result in application backend database server either surrendering confidential data or cause the execution of malicious scripting content on the database that could result in a complete compromise of the host.

Understanding Second-Order Code Injection

Imagine a scenario wherein a malicious code injected into an application by an attacker which does not get immediately get executed in the application.
Yes, you read that right. …

Fiddly Cookie

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